Malicious Pleasure Entertainment is your complete one stop for all of your marketing, promoting, advertising, and your event coordinating needs. In business since May 2001. Successful ventures have from the West Coast to the East Coast. MP Entertainment has had great success booking and managing talent! Working with various types of private & personal business'(VH1, BET, MTV, Winifred Hervey Productions, Warner Brother's Television, The WB, a host of Television shows). Singers, models, producers, writers, comedians, and business owners (personal & large corporations) club events, also personal consulting to place you and your business at the forefront with an upscale and creative flair!


We here at Malicious Pleasure Entertainment value your business and time.  And our guarantee is to place you, your business and career at the forefront and pay special attention to your personal marketing needs. 

Who does not want to have their name, event, business, face to be over exposed?  Is there too much exposure when promoting a product or one's business?  The more exposure we have the better our business thrives and grows.  And that is the core of what we believe here at Malicious Pleasure Entertainment.  Placing your company, event, face, product at the forefront of many consumers who will indeed find a need in the service that you have.

Our staff is extremely creative and has many diverse ways to market, advertise and promote you and your product or event.  Cyber radio, the Internet, word of mouth, seminars. And many affiliate websites we advertise with. Also with our many affiliates that advertise with Malicious Pleasure Entertainment to place their name in public view. These many companies are open to sharing their advertising time with you.  How wonderful is that?  Can you imagine an advertising/marketing & promoting team that makes you the Star from the East to the West Coast!

Our agency has been successful in booking and managing talent.  Placing our models, dancers, actors, singers in the middle of the competitive world of entertainment.  We have been successful with a plethora of TV shows, music videos, commercials, and movies! We indeed work hard in booking our talent. We here at MP Entertainment enjoy seeing our talent succeed in their careers.  Our track record speaks for itself!

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