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Genesis High- Co-Creator/ Chief in Editor

Genesis High is a writer, poet, Founder and CEO of 7 High Productions, Executive Staff Writer for JTWE as well as Co-Creator of Urban Lust. Genesis has worked with many companies such as Bunim-Murray Productions, Purple Lotus, and many other production companies. 

Keep on Grinding!

"I grind because I see so many things that can be. I like to be challenged so I grind to prove that I can."



Shanita Witherspoon



Shanita Witherspoon is the brain Child of ON MY GRIND Magazine. Shanita has captured the idea and presented it to the world to take stock in the avenues less explored. 

Shanita also owns and operates Witherspoon Medical Billing Consulting and Services and the Founder of Urban Lust. The grind is real with this woman! 


"I Grind because I am pre-destine for greatness." S. Witherspoon



Why We Grind? 

 Being an Inspiration

To bridge gaps in the community as well as be inspiring to people of all ages and backgrounds to follow their dreams and ambitions! We are always searching for businesses, entertainers, activist and more to spot light in our publications.

 Becoming a pillar of the Community


ON MY GRIND MAGAZINE is committed to community service, Cancer and AIDS Awareness and well as providing Shelter for transitioning LBGT members.

 Advertising the Small & Large Companies


We are committed to advertising local businesses as well as National business in a fair and creative manner while uphold our company morals as well as our advertisers. 

7 High Productions Is An Upcoming Media Company who's mission is to provide quality service and entertainment avenues to the community. We strive to excel in every field of business and entertainment. 7 High  offer business services as well as media services. 7 High Productions has packages for both small and large budgets and provides stellar services to  all our clients!

Our goal is to not only have your career or business running smoothly with our services but also to give back to the community as much as possible. 

7 High Productions is your One-Stop-Shop for web, media, event planning (grand openings), Promotions, Press Kits and so Much More!

                                                             We are reach unlimited heights! 

7 High Productions founder/C.E.O. has experience in both local and national media.

Genesis High started 7 High Productions to offer services to up and coming talents as well as businesses. 7 High Productions has worked with BGC10, Slyver Lining Media, Purple Lotus Entertainment, MP Entertainment,

Art Heart ATL, On My Grind Magazine and many more. 

We are currently building our Urban Lust Brand which is sure to be a fire starter!


We offer two classes- TV and Film classes and Commercial acting classes. We keep progress reports on all kids. Your kid will attend the program for one month – every Monday June 9th – June 30th from 11:am til 3:pm. We will improve your child’s acting ability and their chances of booking that next job. 

We will also have the agent of Hot Shot Kids come out and evaluate the talent on the last day of the program. The more impress the agent is with your child’s progress report and performance the more confident they will feel about sending them on auditions.
Hot shot kids are a section of the People Store – one of the biggest agencies in Atlanta. (You can look them up)
Commercial class – 11:am – 1:pm Cost is only $80.00 for the four weeks
TV & Film class - 1:pm – 3:pm Cost is only $80.00 for the four weeks
Take both classes for only $150.00

Malicious Pleasure Entertainment prides itself in giving back as much as we can simply by offering free advertising space in our directory.  Rather you are a poet, writer, performer, model, CEO of your own business or simply want to get your face and name to the public, we would be honored to share our site with you! 

To attain this free service please send an email to us with your first and last name, phone number, address (if it's detriment to you or your business) email, website (if you have one) Pictures or logos if it is a part of your business.  A brief description of you or your business.  And as we promote our services your services will also be promoted and advertised for FREE! 


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 MME Karaoke & DJ Services (Matriarch Music & Entertainment)

President of Marketing and Creative Design · Detroit, Michigan
Detroit's Hottest Karaoke and Dj Services
We hustle them shirts!! http://www.thyckgirl.com/ OFFICIAL and Trademarked high quality screen printed T-shirts (not an iron on) with more to come! THYCK® is not just a name, It's a BRAND!

When speaking to Queen she began to tell me the many things she had changed in her life, goals and aspirations.  And I will say this woman has strong discipline in what she sets her hands to do.  When I watched her perform in a club she had enamored the audience with her voice, smile and charasmatic flair.  I asked Queen, Why don't you make singing as your career ? she replied, "I once was in a group but that is not what I want to do with my life." Were not her priorities backwards?  Who would not want to sing with such an angelic voice such as hers? Instead Queen tried her talents in production and video editing.  She said she enjoys being behind the scenes and there are not a lot of women of color in this industry. Her keen eye for detail and creativity outweigh her counterparts. 


Owner/CEO · Oct 2008 to present · 
Los Angeles, California
Client driven home food service that answers the daily "What's for dinner?" question. Award winning baked goods, cooking classes, catering.
  • Luv Supreme Desserts
    Quality baked goods made with wholesome ingredients with attention to detail makes for exceptional products every time. Muffins with such flavors as Orange Cranberry, Pumpkin Honey Wheat, Carrot Ginger, Banana Luv to name a few. Cobblers, Cakes and Pies are made to order. Special Orders are welcomed.
  • Shea Butter & Black Soap
    100% Natural products from Ghana are available in various sizes. Call for prices

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Geneosoul her name when she writes, her birth name Genesis High.  Genesis meaning the "beginning" and so it is that this writer was published in the International Book of Poetry at the age of fifteen 

Sarafina ethereal 
cosmic soul movement
current project CD : Lyrically I'AM High
Book: It Is Written
AffiliationMP entertainment, Big Yella on the Beatz , Yella Squad, Purple Lotus ENT, Cosmic soul Movement

Coole High -My newest album "Futuristically Speaking" is now available for purchase at http://futuristicallyspeaking.com/

I'm an MC and Producer. Go to http://coolehigh.com/ for more info.

Close your eyes and place yourself in the heat of the city, waiting on the bus are train to get to your destination. You need a pick me up, so you turn your I phone on and listen to “Futuristically Speaking” or “State of Mind” I can go on and on with his music. Coole is of course not only a rapper but a producer who infuses the beautiful sounds of Jazz, hip-hop and funk!! He currently represents and is working with ReddOktobba Productions and has showcased many productions in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, NYC. Coole has also developed the soundtrack for the award winning independent martial arts/action film, "The Empty Hands" - an film featuring MoSha, Kevin "Uptown" Brown, and a guest appearance from "Isaac Hayes". He has also worked with several artists including a compilation project with DJ Scandales, production for TopDollaRaz, LiKWUiD, Sleepwalkas, and Tah Phrum Duh Bush.

Contact Information

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  • Brooklyn, NY


  • coole@coolehigh.com

SB Favor
Vocalist,music producer, song writer and motivator
A person of high standards progressing in excellence with a great passion 
for music

SB Favor not only can produce a track but she also knows how to engineer and maneuver in a high tech studio.  Able to play the Keyboard and piano of course, and wait it does not stop there the lady has a beautiful voice!  And if I had to make any comparisons she brings Amel Larrieux and Goapele to my ear drums.  Her voice is absolutely titillating and gives you a warm and satisfying feeling. This woman is a full force to be reckoned with! And let me not forget she is also a writer!  I don’t know about you, but there are not too many women that are capable of holding it down and all together like this.   And in the world of music it is indeed a financial asset to multi-task have knowledge and be diversified in many markets and have the experience.  SB Favor brings that!

Contact Info

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Screen Name
  • shray.battle(Skype)


  • perfectadoration@yahoo.com

Tana Lopez Photographer

What brought me to even see the work of Tana was her posting musical jazz artist in her area, or wherever she ventured to. She labels herself “jazz photographer” jazz photographer? Well let me see. My words, “amazed” This woman has a intrusive eye, she had worked with, “Jazzman Music” She also networks with “H.A.R.M.O.N.Y Jazz Alliance. And owns her own business Eye Woven Images.

Contact Info

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  • Columbia, MD


  • woveneye@gmail.com

Darryl Savage - Photographer

Contact Info

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  • dscansphotography@gmail.com

Nate Rich Photographer

The steady eye of a artist looking through a lens and giving you a story of depth and reality. I tend to lean more forward to the intimate pics that Nate takes. The ones that have a huge sense of meaning when looking at the models eyes, their facial expressions and also I am able to get a sense of their mood. The light that is cast upon them and the focal point, the photographer. Nate does that for me. Even the pictures that are taken of himself he reveals “deep thought” and that is what I have studied in his photos.


  • nate_richardson2002@yahoo.com
  • nricha1a@us.ibm.com

Dave MCMurray - Musician

It is of course a pleasure in having this huge talent on my artist page.  A man that has been on the musical scene for years. No Dave Mc Murray is far from a rookie, he has played with a host of established musicians and singers.  Herbie Hancock which is one he said he was a ture fan and overwhelemed being in his presence and I can understand why. He has toured the world literally, with Kid Rock and a host of others.  He has performed with Kem, Marcus Miller, Chaka Khan ( a legend) Bob James, Marcus Miller, Gladys Knight, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, and Bootsy Collins. 

Contact Information

  • avantgar@ix.netcom.com
  • davetime10@gmail.com

James McDaniel-Clothes Designer

Dedicated in creating unique, fabulous, stylish custom designs for individuals can wear anytime of the day. 
HardwearZ, Inc. clothing line interests are:
Store buyers
Fashion Shows
Individual purchase

Jean Peter Exantus- Rapper musician 

West Hempstead, New York
Residential Contractor Commercial Contractor Offers Financing 24 Hour Emergency Service Accepts Credit Card www.superfly-maintenance.com/INDEX.html

"Jeanius Exantus" is one of those young men who has stepped into the rap genre and refuses to step into the trend of what's playing on airwaves.  I appreciate this because he takes me back to time and place where some rappers decided to rap about positive growth, encouragement and uplifting the masses to respect one another.  Honestly this is not "commercial rap" Most of these artist stay underground and must build a fan base by going to open mics and touring the country to be heard.


  • xzantus@yahoo.com
  • jean1us@tmo.blackberry.net

Guitarist/Founder · Jan 2010 to present · Atlanta, Georgia

G.M.A. Soldier "DB_Shred" . Head Banger/Metal guitarist of solo metal project "Dark Blu". On a crusade to rock the world. 

"Daemon Blak" first started in a group called “Hammer of Fate” the band broke up and that is when he formed his own band“Dark Blu”  Eric has been recording and writing music since 1980. Dennis told an interviewer, “Since it has come to my attention that there are opportunities for hard rock songs in TV, film and video. I have songs that are in pre-production that I intend to submit for these opportunities.” Eric  also states that, “I am influenced by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slayer”

Darryl Moore-Musician

• Experienced musician: Composer, Drums including all percussion. 
• Experienced Producer: The Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, Medusa, Acid Reign, Volume-10, George Clinton, Acey Alone, Olmecca, Jah Orah, The Dubber, Busdriver, Strange Fruit, and The Watts Prophets. 
• Consoles: Neve VX (s), Flying Faders. SSL G series, Mackie D-8B, Yamaha PM5-D, and 01V, API, and Mackie.
• Film: Sugar Hill, song, Park bench People. Strange days, song, No White Clouds. HBO Production of Strapped, song, Inner city Boundaries. 
This is the life. Songs, Inner city Boundaries, Park bench People, 
Film Score: Snapping Pieces. “The Gift” Perry Ferrall. 

Darryl has worked for Rashad Corey Productions and Ramona's Touch of Essence.  Now having his own studio working under "Dscanphotography".  Darryl adds a touch of beauty, rawness and cosmopolitan flair to each shot he takes. He of course does not limit himself; in fact he keeps pushing himself over and over to make his last shoot better that his first. Edgy work but always staying true to his own edgy style; Darryl brings a unique trendiness to his work and is very well received by many. 

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 Norm Banton- Video Editor

Graduated from Clark University works for Jupiter 7 Media CEO

Logos, music, photography, DJ

Contact Information

  • reemix@yahoo.com

LaVel DeLone -CEO

CEO/President/Founder · Los Angeles, California
DJ, Photographer, marketing event promotions & coordinating

Contact Info

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Screen Name
  • wordmarvel(Yahoo! Messenger)


  • mistervel@yahoo.com
  • mrvel1106@att.net

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